Portrait photograph of: Tatiana Smolina

Tatiana Smolina

Country Of Origin: Russia

Degree: MSc E-Business and Innovation, 2019

Project Manager, Zenoss UK

Why did you choose to study at LUMS?

Having studied my Bachelor's degree at Lancaster University, I used to pop into LUMS and always find something exciting going on. So, I wanted to be more involved and to look for inspiration from within LUMS.

What was the best thing about your course?

As part of my course, I have gained not only relevant knowledge but also was introduced to a great network of professionals who created their own stories. They showed how every experience counts, so I have gained great courage to try and do things I want.

What/who inspired you most at LUMS and why?

I believe the story of Juliana Sutanto, Professor at LUMS, and her ability/willingness to share with her students inspired me the most. She is always up to date with the research and industry innovations and creates open discussions with students not only within the class but at every opportunity to have a conversation. Her ideas are very stimulating and motivated me to always investigate subjects in depth.

Did you do a project, placement or study abroad? What did this involve and what did you gain?

During my course, I completed a client-based consultancy project. It involved going to the client's site and speaking with the employees and managers at different levels. I loved the challenge it presented, not only in the sense of dealing with diverse types of people but also the challenge of making autonomous decisions on the solutions to present. It was a huge responsibility, so had to be approached with care. Thus I gained a unique experience of this sort and confidence in my ability to research and present valid and innovative solutions.

Describe your time at LUMS in three words.

Challenging, inspirational, opportunistic

What are your best memories of your time at Lancaster?

Hackathon event, as part of MSc EBIN Program. It was pushing my limits in both mental and physical senses. I found out about some of my skills that were not really in use before (i.e. technical).

What are the best things about living in the Lancaster area?

I believe that the green environment and fresh air in the Lancaster area help you to concentrate and relax which is especially valuable.

What impact did scholarships or funding have on your degree experience?

Simply, only with the scholarship, I had a chance to do the degree that turned into a very impactful experience.

Which parts of your Lancaster experience were the best preparation for your job?

Various team projects allowed me to exercise taking initiative, my listening skills, and adaptability.

What impact has your Lancaster experience had on your career?

Because of my degree, I got promoted at work. More importantly, I feel more confident about speaking up my ideas and standing the ground that is especially hard for a woman in the IT industry.

Is there anything else about your LUMS experience that you'd like to share with us?

I am very thankful for the overall experience. Also, I believe that the collaboration of LUMS and the Computer Science department is very successful and extremely appealing nowadays to more students.