Portrait photograph of: Emmanuel Harrison

Emmanuel Harrison

Country Of Origin: Nigeria

Degree: MSc International Management (IMPM), 2019

CEO, Fairway Offshore Ltd

Why did you choose to do the IMPM?

There was a need to acquire experience of a more practical approach to issues other than the theories of the MBAs and PGDs. 

What surprised you the most about the programme?

The surprise was the simplicity in the method of learning and the change displayed amongst the myriad managers attending the program; the unity in purpose and the approach used by the tutors and the results it brought. Business leaders from different backgrounds spending 10 days together without any issues but positive networking.

What have you used most in your business life as a result of the programme?

Friendly consulting and the weekly reflection exercise.

What did you learn about yourself?

I was an “on the go” person until I undertook the IMPM. During the program, I learnt how to be patient, to be an attentive listener and I learnt how to appreciate other people’s perspectives in a discussion. Today, I observe more to enable me to analyse situations and make good decisions.

Your advice for future IMPM participants?

IMPM is an interesting program. It is learning about how to effectively reflect, analyse, collaborate, act to save the global ecosystem. It may be in a business ecosystem, family, religion or public services. In all areas, IMPM tools have direct application.