Portrait photograph of: Yiwen Shi

Yiwen Shi

Country Of Origin: China

Degree: MSc Finance, 2020

Senior Accountant, SAIC-GMAC

Why did you choose to study at LUMS?

Because of the high ranking and strong support.

What was the best thing about your course?

Learning how to do the programming because it is not a must in Chinese universities.

What/who inspired you at LUMS and why?

My dissertation tutor since he has both academic and practical experience. I loved chatting with him about the paper and I appreciated his support for our dissertations in such a difficult condition.

Describe your time at LUMS in three words.

Sweet, active, peaceful.

What are your best memories of your time at Lancaster?

The social life (including doing coursework).

What are the best things about living in the Lancaster area?

It is safe and convenient.

Which parts of your Lancaster experience were the best preparation for your job?

The career support, teamwork and social life.

What impact has your Lancaster experience had on your career?

It helped me develop critical thinking and independent work.

Is there anything else about your LUMS experience that you'd like to share with us?

I remember the first time I made a speech in front of my classmates, nervous and excited, to let them vote me as one of the academic representatives. Actually I’m not a confident and brave girl to do this, but I did it. I want to encourage everyone who is afraid of doing anything you really want to do. Just go ahead and you will achieve more than you can imagine.