Portrait photograph of: Harnek Bhogal

Harnek Bhogal

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Degree: BSc Business Economics (Industry), 2022

Director, Autoelectro

What was the best thing about your course?

The course provides a great basis for quantitative analysis, which is very useful in the real world. The best part was the major/minor system that LUMS has in place. It allows a wide range of variety and flexibility, as students can choose modules/subjects that they enjoy most. Throughout my three years at Lancaster, I was able to choose minor modules in accounting & finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

What/who inspired you most at LUMS and why?

The biggest inspiration throughout my time at Lancaster was my fellow students and classmates. COVID-19 massively affected our shared university experience because it meant the first half was totally different to the second half. Watching everyone push each other to do the best they can and make the most of a very challenging situation was very cool to see.

Did you do a project, placement or study abroad? What did this involve and what did you gain?

I completed a 13-month Purchasing & Supply Chain industrial placement at the Nissan Motor Corporation between August 2020 and September 2021. Doing a placement was a great way to put the theory I’d learnt from my first two years at university into practice, within an environment of real people, real responsibility, and real pressure. At Nissan I got to work with OE component suppliers, developing parts that are in production on the latest Nissan Qashqai and Juke models.

A placement gives you a great opportunity to see what certain industries and certain firms are really like. For me, working in the automotive industry was a fascinating experience and working down the supply chain from manufacturer to supplier prepared me really well for my current role, which involves working up the automotive supply chain from supplier to retailer.

What are your best memories of your time at Lancaster?

My fondest memories of Lancaster involve the time I spent with my friends, in particular the people I met by founding Lancaster Sikh Society. Myself, and three of my friends – Harmani Daler, Sukhy Khosah & Raajveer Athwal – established Lancaster Sikh Society with the goal of raising awareness of Sikhism as well as creating a sense of home and community for Sikhs in Lancaster. Over the course of three years, we were able to grow the society to a point where we won Cultural & Faith Society of the Year at the Lancaster Society Awards 2022.

Being able to foster friendships by bringing people together and helping them meet people they might not have otherwise had the chance to meet was an amazing thing to witness. It fills me with an immense sense of pride knowing that this will continue to happen for years to come.

What are the best things about living in the Lancaster area?

The best part about living in Lancaster is that it’s quite a small place, which means there’s a tight-knit community. Being within walking distance of almost everything in town is great, but the campus itself is massive, so you get to experience the best of both worlds. Williamson Park provides great views, and Lancaster has a nice castle with a good café inside.