Portrait photograph of: Francisca Princípe dos Santos

Francisca Princípe dos Santos

Country Of Origin: Portugal

Degree: MSc International Business, 2012

Area Sales Manager, Oliveira & Irmão SA

When looking through all the major league universities in the UK for a graduate degree programme, Lancaster University seemed to be a great place to study in the UK, especially due to its campus atmosphere that is not available throughout other major cities.

I also received a recommendation from my financial markets professor who had a doctorate from Lancaster University. He advised me to take a look at the courses the university offered. When I came across International Business, I knew I had found exactly what I wanted to study.

The best part was actually how multicultural the University is, particularly modules which referred to emerging markets in International Business. It was also great to have insight from students from those emerging countries. Students would learn not only from the best professors but also from their own colleagues, when sharing their experiences and perceptions.

Another great asset of this degree was staging the World Economic Forum, where students simulate the summit and discuss very important and up-to-date economical developments, confiding a great sense of responsibility.

This experience was beyond what I expected. The campus is great, which was very important for our development and performance in class. Having such a range of activities and the sports centre, among other things, allows students to be psychologically at ease. LUMS also has great facilities such as the hub, the library and the comprehensive schedule of employer and careers events, which gives students a lot of opportunities to meet top firm recruitment teams, etc.

After graduating, I was accepted on to an international internship in San Francisco, USA. I got an opportunity in the Marketing/PR department which isn’t exactly related to my academic background. However, due to my ability to communicate with people from very different backgrounds that I’ve certainly gained while doing teamwork with students from China, India, Russia and so many other places, the recruiters seem to believe that Marketing and PR positions are my best fit.

I would recommend any student to use the LUMS Careers whenever looking for postgraduate advisory services. It became very valuable when writing my CV, thinking about how to present myself to firms, how to manage their application processes and getting comfortable with my best competences and weakest skills.