Portrait photograph of: Kwabena   Aboa Addo

Kwabena Aboa Addo

Country Of Origin: Ghana

Degree: MSc International Business, 2013

Director of Programmes, Business Incubation Program Africa

Kwabena took part in a double-degree programme, studying at both Lancaster and Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen.

Having the opportunity of postgraduate study at Lancaster University was a privilege and turning point in my life. I chose Lancaster University based on its excellent and consistent academic ranking in the UK for the past five years. Truly, the academic and social experience at Lancaster for my International Business MSc degree (This has since been renamed the International Business and Strategy MSc) more than affirmed the reputation held by LUMS.

The academic experience at LUMS was challenging yet fun because I learnt and understood something new each day which ultimately changed my thinking and understanding of global economic events.

This life-changing experience was made possible through the wealth of professors and supporting staff at LUMS who guided me through my academic work and career prospecting and especially helped me to write an excellent and realistic dissertation. The multi-cultural student population at Lancaster also enhanced my interactions both in my academic work and my social life which made Lancaster a home away from home.

Study Abroad experience

I had the privilege of being nominated by LUMS to take part in a double-degree programme with the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen. This opportunity really enhanced my academic experience and enabled me to become an ERASMUS scholar, something which every student should experience.

The different academic culture in Norway has been a great experience and thanks to my time at LUMS, I was able to stand out in terms of my academic work at NHH. Going to Bergen enabled me to meet other exchange students who shared similar dreams and, as a result of that, I was able to set up my first business initiative for Africa.

Aside from my academic work, the exchange in Norway granted me the chance to see the most beautiful landscapes that nature can offer which I consider an added incentive for taking a LUMS Study Abroad programme.

LUMS’s holistic academic package has set me on the right path for further studies towards my goal of becoming a diplomatic development economist. I am currently the Director of programs for sub-Saharan Africa, Business Incubation Program Africa (BipAfrica).