Balanced Leadership - Ralf Müller (BI Norwegian Business School)

Tuesday 10 December 2019, 1:00pm to 2:00pm



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Ralf Müller of BI Norwegian Business School will present a seminar to the Management Science Department

Abstract: Balanced leadership – project specific form of leadership (i.e. the studies that won the 2019 IPMA Research Award)

Leadership (also in projects) is often separated in vertical leadership exercised by the project manager and shared/distributed leadership that stems from the team. Research on project reality shows that leadership is not as static as existing literature suggest, but changes constantly, in situational dependency, over the life-time of a project. A large PMI funded global study showed that the existing leadership approaches are complemented in projects settings by a new form of leadership, called horizontal leadership, where the project manager empowers one of the team members as temporary leader and then governs him/her closely through the assignment. Moreover, leadership authority is identified to shift continuously among project manager and team members to the best possible leader at any point in time. That is called balanced leadership. The presentation shows the situations within which leadership changes, the tasks that can be delegated, the socio-cognitive requirements for coordinating these shifts in leadership authority, and the impact it has on project results.

Bio: Dr Ralf Müller is Professor of Project Management and former Associate Dean at BI Norwegian Business School,Adjunct Professor at University of Technology Sydney, and Haitian(distinguished) scholar at Dalian University of Technology, China.

He lectures and researches worldwide in leadership, governance, and organizational project management.These are also the subjects of his more than 250 academic publications,including 14 books. In parallel, he is Editor-in-Chief of the Project Management Journal, and Managing Director of PM Concepts AB, a management consulting organization in Sweden.

His is chairperson and member of a number of governance organizations, such as the Senate of ISM University, the Academic Advisory Board of AIPMO (Association of International Project Management Officers), or the Chair at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

In the 16 years since he became an academic, he received 14 awards, including the 2019 IPMA Global Research Award,2019 Walt Lipke Award, 2016 PMI Fellow of the Institute Award, 2015 PMI Research Achievement Award, 2012 IPMA Research Award, and a number of best academic paper, reviewer, and supervisor awards.

Before joining academia, he spent30 years in the industry consulting with large enterprises and governments in more than 50 different countries for better project management and governance.Projects he worked on span from small up to USD 5 billion in value. In these projects, he worked closely with AT&T and Bell Laboratories, USA. He also held related line management positions, such as the Worldwide Director of Project Management at NCR Corporation.

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