A day in the life of a Business Management Student

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A group of students at the Hip Hop and Breakdance Society

Are you curious about how a day would be as a LUMS student?

I am Erica, a first-year Business Management student and I come from Hong Kong. I am taking you to spend a day with me as a LUMS student!

I kick off the day with a 10:00 am accounting workshop at the Management School. Almost all first-years live on campus, so I usually wake up just half an hour before the lesson starts as it is only a 10-minute walk from my accommodation. During the workshop, we practice the accounting questions from the lecture last week. It is easier for me to raise questions to the tutor in workshops as the class size is way smaller than in a lecture, and it is less overwhelming for me.

Usually, I get hungry after the workshop as I used so much energy in solving the questions. The café located in the Management School is my go-to. I usually spend my break between lectures there as there is a common study area for students to do their work or maybe have group meetings. It is a nice place to spend time for people who live in town or only have an hour's break between lectures.

After my break, I head to my marketing seminar for the group project. During seminars, we are divided into different groups, and we will use that time to discuss our group projects. I get to cooperate with students from all over the world, and it is interesting to work on the same topic with different cultural backgrounds. Tutors will give feedback on our previous work and where there is room for improvement for the next group work during the seminar.

Thursday is my favourite day during the week, as we have the weekly market at Alexandra Square. There are fresh fruits, vintage clothes, second-hand books, and most importantly, FOOD, so I grab my lunch there. It is a nice spot to hang out with friends if we don’t want to go to town.

Not only the market is the reason why I like Thursday, but also, I go dancing with my friends on Thursday. I have joined Hip Hop and Breakdance society and they hold dance workshops every Tuesday and Thursday. There are different genres of dance I can explore every week. And of course, I met most of my friends through society. It is a nice wrap-up of the day to do fun sports with friends.

The balance between study and leisure is what I enjoy most since I started university. Lancaster University is a place for diversity, not only in race but also in lifestyle. You can always find like-minded friends in this place If only you keep on exploring.

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