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My day started at 9:30 am today. I had taken a look at my calendar last night and I know on a Tuesday I have a 2:00 pm and a 5:00 pm so I had the morning free to get work done. The work I needed to get done that morning was my infographic portfolio. I am taking a minor in computer science, it’s a beginners course for people outside the department. It's split into 6 modules across the year and I am on the penultimate one, Information Visualisation. This module is about presenting information in a way that helps the user to understand it better.

It is probably my favourite module so far as it is quite creative which I am enjoying. I am getting to use some of the Photoshop skills I learned at college.


I had two different sessions in the afternoon. One was in the Biology Lecture Theatre, notable for its whale skeleton, and the other was in the Welcome Centre. Lectures are when a lecturer speaks for about an hour about a topic. My lecture was for OWT 101 and was about sustainability. I find this topic interesting as we are exploring potential issues facing managers in the next 15 years. It was a medium-sized lecture so there were about 100 students. I personally do not like making notes during lectures so I make mine afterwards using the slides as a guide to help me remember what was talked about. I find this is a useful application of spaced repetition that helps me remember the content.

After the lecture, I chatted to my friend who also takes this module and walked to the Library. I went to the Library because I wanted to study alone and with as few distractions as possible, I needed to make revision notes for Accounting and Finance. Sometimes when I want a louder environment I will work in the Students' Union or the LUMS Hub. I try not to work in my room because I find I get more easily distracted while in my room, I like being around other people working.

After a little bit of work I took a break before my 5:00 pm seminar, I headed to Fylde Bar, The Mill, to practise for my darts match tonight. My last session was a seminar which is a session where a small group of students; 5 - 20, discuss a topic or reading. This session was for Managerial Finance so we had a series of questions to attempt to answer before the session that the tutor goes over in the seminar. I had answered most of the questions before the session, so 5 minutes beforehand I brought up my notes and reread them to remind myself of the content.


After the seminar, I walked to Pendle Rooms. I had Womens+ darts matches tonight and I practised with my team beforehand. I did not have time to walk back to my flat so I used the Pendle College kitchen to reheat my tea, each college has a kitchen on campus for students to use. At 7:00 pm we walked down to Barker House for our match vs Graduate College and then I headed back to my flat to end my day at around 9:00 pm.

Frederica Teather

BSc Management and Human Resources (Industry)

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