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The experience, the drive to develop your personal and professional skills, the exciting and warm atmosphere: life at LUMS is unique.

I am an International Italian-British student from Milan, enrolled in the BBA in International Business Management at LUMS.

I was looking for an inspiring experience that could provide me with theoretical knowledge and practical experiences. I am glad to say I found it at LUMS. The high level of teaching and the rejuvenating environment has made my educational journey very valuable.

About the course

The course itself is a mixture of many different disciplines and topics which makes it extremely interesting and engaging. Ranging from management skills and real-life case studies to marketing strategies and products, to accounting and finance, organizational behavior, statistics and data analysis. All these aspects combined together have provided me with a holistic approach to business on a global scale both in my student and professional life.

Favourite project

The coolest project I worked on was through the Management Consulting 200 class where you are put into teams of 5 students and you are assigned a client. This was the best experience of my life! Our team was assigned the Barrow Improvement District for which we had to implement a marketing and customer acquisition strategy for the future. That was the most invaluable hands-on working experience I had got at the time and it really taught me how to engage with a client, develop research and analysis skills which became very important for my future endeavors.

Career support

A bit stressful, challenging but also rewarding and fun part of your future at LUMS will be job search. This is why I am happy to say that another great asset that the school has is the Career Centre which has helped me find my summer internships at Triumph Motorcycles and then IBM. The people and resources the Career Centre in LUMS are simply outstanding. They help you with your CV’s, Cover Letters, career conversations, networking, psychometric tests and assessment centres, all valuable services that helped me succeed. The professionals working in the department are always available and open to talking to you and I think that is a real value-added that made me extremely comfortable when looking for jobs.

Clubs and societies

LUMS also has many clubs and societies such as the Economics Society and the Finance and Investment Society which help you dive deeper into specific sectors, network with your peers and get exposed to a lot of speakers coming from different industries.

Why I'd recommend the course

If you are a go-getter, ambitious and intellectually curious individual, I would definitely recommend this course to you. It pushes you to learn more every day, it provides you with the right skills to face work-life challenges and it prepares you in a solid way for your future career.

Now, as I am about to graduate, I think back to all the knowledge this course has given me and the tangible working experiences it has offered. I would definitely do it again and I would highly recommend YOU to be the next one up!

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