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Hi! I’m Chelsey, originally from Trinidad and Tobago. I’m basically your average, small island girl out in the great beyond. I have just completed my second year pursuing my BSc in Business Economics (Industry). The Management School, and by extension Lancaster University, continues to provide me with quality education, opportunities for holistic development and an environment to meet amazing people from all over the world.

Without a doubt, one may question why I came to Lancaster for University, all the way from the Caribbean. With the world in the palm of my hands, after having received an Open Scholarship from my Government, I had the opportunity to study at any institution of my choice. It would mean that I could finally actualise my dream of living in the UK while attending a world-renowned University. I was required to rely heavily on the opinions of others, website design, and information, and my own gut feeling as open days wouldn’t be an option for me. Certainly, Lancaster University’s Management School checked all my boxes from the onset, knowing that this was certainly the place for me!

During my A ‘levels, I fell in love with Economics and thus desired to learn more about it. However, I wasn’t keen on doing a pure Economics degree due to my very strong love-hate relationship with Mathematics and Calculus. Thankfully I stumbled upon the course, “BSc Business Economics”, which allows me to expand my knowledge of Economic Theory along with the ability to choose various modules throughout the Management School such as Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Management Science. This degree offers a lot of flexibility in the modules I choose, making it well-tailored to my desires and interests.

During my second year, I really enjoyed the mix of modules. A degree like Business Economics has equipped me with a strong theoretical basis for everyday situations. For instance, while employed as a Digital Content Ambassador and LUMS Transition Guide, I’ve been able to pair what I’ve learned in Marketing and Management modules to be the best teammate and employee.

Additionally, one of the most exciting and challenging aspects of Business Economics (Industry) is the infamous placement search. I applied to many companies and competed among thousands of other placement students throughout the country. Thankfully, as I am a student at a highly ranked university in the UK and the world-renowned LUMS, my peers and I were ahead of the rest in particular aspects. Moreover, the support of the LUMS careers team is impeccable which made the entire journey less strenuous. After forty (40) plus applications, several online interviews and three assessment days, I will be starting my placement with Network Rail in September 2019! Though it may sound scary, being on an Industry degree has built my perseverance and reminded me that I can do all things, once I keep the faith!

Lastly and certainly not least, pursuing this degree has allowed me to expand my career options as I am exposed to so many facets of management. At the moment, I am still on the quest to decide what exactly I want to do after my degree, however, as for now, HR, Public Relations, Communications, and Public Sector Management are at the top of my list. Undoubtedly, I know that my placement experience, continued assistance from my department and my own passion for success, would position me in the right direction for my future!

If you’re like me, a lover of Economics who wants to expand and learn more about different aspects of the organization, and has a determined mindset, BSc Business Economics (Industry) is the one for you!

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