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Hi, my name is Wiktoria and I am from Poland. I am in my third year of BSc in Finance.

What I liked about my time on the course, was the flexibility, which meant I could tailor the course to my interests. In my second year, I did 3 optional modules; Data Mining for Direct Marketing and Finance, Entrepreneurship: Discovery and Practice and The Language of Advertising.

The first year of my degree included Introduction to Accounting and Finance, Principles of Economics and a minor of my choice. I found the first module really helpful, as I did not do A-levels and I had no basics from accounting which proved to be invaluable for all the second year’s modules. I think that third year is my favourite so far, I can choose to study the areas of finance which drew me towards a finance degree.

As a finance student, I am part of LUMS, which is one of the best management schools in Europe. They organise many different workshops, which helped me with creating my CV and preparing my job applications. Also, as a LUMS student, I could apply to be a LUMS ambassador, which is a paid opportunity for students to earn some extra money.

In my second year, I was a student representative for Accounting and Finance department, which gave me an opportunity to collect feedback from students and pass it on to the department.

There are a few societies related to my degree, I am a member of the Business Consultancy Society as well as the Investment and Finance society. Being a member allows you to attend events and workshops organised by the societies which help to give you an insight into the business world.

Thanks to choosing Lancaster University and especially my degree within management school, I have had many opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities, to obtain The Lancaster Award, to enhance my CV and most of all to gain relevant life and work-based skills. I cannot imagine doing my undergraduate degree at any other university.


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