Master's in Management or MBA?

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If you’re confused about your study or career progression after your undergraduate degree, you’re not alone. I was in a similar predicament last year. Making these choices is difficult!

In particular, a lot of people find themselves confused between the MiM (Masters in Management) and the MBA (Masters in Business Administration). Both are similar. However, there are some key differences and I will break them down for you. As a bonus I will also add additional information about the one year LUMS MiM and MBA programmes.

Course comparison

Work experience you’d require to start the course

MiM - Little to no experience (0-2 years)

MBA - Experienced (A minimum of 3 years managerial experience. 5 years for the Executive MBA.)


MiM - Business Management Subjects like Economics, Finance, Accounts, HR, Marketing, Digital Transformation and Company/Consultancy Project

MBA - Business Management Subjects like Finance, Marketing, Digital Innovation, M&A, Brand Management and Capstone Project, Consultancy Challenge (or even an internship)

Career trajectory

MiM - To kick-start a career and work internationally - helps enter new industries or have a career/subject change

MBA - To provide career growth and salary increase - helps to go into senior professional and management roles

Master's in Management

The cohort of the MiM program at LUMS are very versatile - students are from engineering, film making, tourism and other diverse fields. MiM at LUMS is created for everyone and is very inclusive! However, this does not mean that it's easy. We learn everything right from accounting and finance to organisational behaviour. At the end of the year we have either an individual dissertation or a consultancy/company project as our final assessment. The MiM program at LUMS is very fast paced. Every two weeks we study a new subject and are expected to showcase good working knowledge of it. You can find more detailed information about the Lancaster MiM here.


The cohort size of the MBA program is relatively smaller than the MiM. It’s a multinational cohort with students with various long term working experience in different fields. The main focus of the Lancaster MBA is career advancement and every module is created around that. Work placements, case studies, capstone and consultancy projects are the key aspects of this program. Students can also choose other kinds of final projects such as an internship! You can find more detailed information about the Lancaster MBA here.

Why did I choose to study MiM?

I majored in Economics for my bachelor’s. I knew that I didn’t wish to pursue Economics anymore but I was not sure what to do next. I was interested in some aspects of business management such as marketing, strategic management, operations and supply chain but I felt like I couldn’t gain knowledge in all of those subjects. Yet, then I stumbled upon the MiM course and came across Lancaster’s MiM course. I was impressed by the number of subjects taught and how they didn’t delve too deep unnecessarily but taught what is required for the student to develop good working knowledge and quick decision making ability. Moreover, the MiM at Lancaster is equipped with their own careers team along with weekly guest talks with industry leaders, alumni and resident entrepreneurs. Since it is a one year program, I felt it to be the best investment possible - to learn as much as possible and build my career!

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