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This photo describes graduation caps being thrown in the air in celebration.

Here we are. The last week of the academic year and your last week of university! You made it! As you pack up your digs and look down the road to what comes next, take a moment to reflect on what you have accomplished.

Your Certificate and that Number

The big moment in the cap and gown is all about collecting that certificate, with that degree classification being the focus for such a long time. It represents years of lectures, seminars, tutorials, essays, reports, group projects, presentations, and exams. Whatever the number, the certificate is testimony to your commitment to your subject, desire, and growth mindset. Whether the number is what you were hoping for or not, just remember that grades are simply a gateway to your next adventure and the entire degree is what really counts.

Your Knowledge

Wherever you are headed, you are leaving with 3 or more years of specialist, in-depth knowledge on your chosen subject. You may not feel like an expert, so try this – map out all of the key, headline learning points from each module and think about how they fit together and relate with each other. The beauty of this exercise is two-fold: firstly, this will give you a great summary of how your degree adds value as a candidate for a job. Secondly, it’s your interpretation of what you have been learning, which is a good indicator of your interests and strengths!

Your Experiences

Your time at Lancaster has not been spent in lecture theatres and the library alone! Chances are you have been working part-time jobs; been involved in student societies (socially as well as professionally!), sports teams, your college JCR; volunteering; getting work experience or doing internships. Away from your CV, think about these experiences: how they have enhanced your strengths, built your confidence, informed your interests, and grown your friendship group and contacts. Now think about how you can relate these experiences, skills, interests, and insights into that map of your knowledge, and appreciate the extra layer you have to add to your subject knowledge.

Your Team!

Friends for life? I hope so.

Life-long supporters and champions? Definitely.

Remember that you don’t just have to leave campus with your mates saved in your phone. Module leaders, seminar tutors, academic advisors, the careers team… Anyone you have spent time with during your degree, we are all in your team now! The relationships that we take care and effort to build and nurture don’t stop when you hand back your graduation robes. We have all worked to support you and will continue to do so if or when you need us. We are all invested and will always be on the end of an email and love to hear your news and progress on your next adventures. So, keep in touch!

Your Network

No longer a student, you are now a graduate, and part of a 50,000-strong network of LUMS alumni across the world. You would be amazed where you will find a Lancaster grad. Even I found myself working side-by-side with an alum from the same course, different year 8 years after graduation! Our common experiences of campus life, Sugarhouse, and college JCRs will forever bond us, so wherever you are in the world, you can find a friendly face! pie chart showing how grades, knowledge, experiences, team and network make up the accomplishments of your degree at lancaster university

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