Entrepreneurs in Residence

Entrepreneurs are the stars of our community. We need them inside the School to keep every programme and every piece of research sharp with insights from the frontline of business. And in return, entrepreneurs have the kudos of being part of LUMS, the chance to access new ideas and grow their networks with peers, world-class academics and students across the management school - and the University.

Running since 2008, we now have over 50 people acting as Entrepreneurs in Residence each year. Activities include giving masterclass talks to other business owners and senior directors, contributing a spark to classroom activities and student research, and helping to make our offerings the best possible fit and deliver value for business. The entrepreneurs have their own dedicated space in LUMS to work and run meetings. Discover our case studies of four featured Entrepreneurs.

We’d like to hear from you if you’d be interested in being one of our Entrepreneurs in Residence. We want our group of entrepreneurs to resemble the international diversity of our student community. Please contact Dr Allan Discua Cruz to find out more.

Our Network

Introducing Lancaster University Management School's network of 50 Entrepreneurs in Residence.