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We’ve been serving our community of businesses, organisations and individuals in the North West for more than 10 years through the masterclass series. The series provides insight for professionals from SMEs and large organisations alike.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders will share their experience, stimulating ideas and provoking debate through covering a range of contemporary topics. As well as hearing from our talented speakers, the series provides an invaluable opportunity to network and collaborate.

Lancaster University Management School is grateful to NatWest for supporting this year’s Masterclass Series as a Corporate Guardian of the University. Through their backing, we are able to support businesses, organisations and individuals through providing a stimulating series that provokes ideas, inspires, and facilitates collaboration.

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Jo Fairley, Green & Black's

Inspirational Entrepreneurial Success: 6th November 2019

Jo Fairley dived off the diving board into her first enterprise after a successful career as Britain’s youngest-ever magazine editor. That venture, Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate, has gone on to become a £100 million a year brand, making the leap from an eco-niche to the mainstream with a brand that is both ethical and indulgent.

Jo will candidly share the rollercoaster journey of building and ultimately selling that business, together with key lessons learned along the way. Jo remains a ‘chocolate ambassador’ for Green & Black’s, at a time when strong values have never been more important in the business world.



Jo Fairley

James Whittaker, Microsoft

The future of technology and your business: 11th December 2019

Data that is big. Machines that learn. Intelligence that is artificial. Reality that isn’t real. An internet of things.

What does all this mean for the future of your business? Join James Whittaker for an entertaining and thought-provoking jaunt into the future – a future coming a lot faster than most people imagine – and learn how it will impact the future of your industry and your business. James explains the technologies of the future in an approachable language and describes how you can use them to meet the future on your terms.

James Whittaker

Gary Ellwood, Global Technology Strategy Director

Digital Transformation Demystified: 4th March 2020

What is digital transformation? How is it impacting and disrupting markets and organisations? Why are some organisations more successful than others at harnessing technology change? When is the right time to start your digital transformation journey?

These and other questions will be explored by taking a journey through the history of digital transformation, identifying key trends, technologies and the cultural and organisational implications of these changes on businesses and markets. Having spent 25 years working in IT, Gary will use his own experiences to explore and explain some of the key drivers and inhibitors to successful digital change.

Gary Ellwood

Turner Family, Chorley Group

Big enough to cope… but small enough to care: 6th May 2020

Founded in 1989, the Chorley Group has grown into an award winning organisation, operating internationally with six key dealerships and four franchises across the North West of England in Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

The Group started from Andrew Turner’s home in 1989, trading as the Bugle Inn Motor Co. However, his sights were firmly set on developing a reliable brand of family business, devoted to serving the North West with well priced cars and a service to be trusted.

The Turner family panel includes:

  • Andrew Turner MBE, Chorley Group Chairman and Founder
  • Pauline Turner, Chorley Group Managing Director
  • Adam Turner, Chorley Group Sales Director
  • Hilary Nicol, Chorley Group Finance Director
Andrew Turner

Collette Roche, Manchester United

10th June 2020

Collette Roche joined Manchester United as Chief Operating Officer in May 2018. Before this, she held several senior leadership roles with companies including Ford Motor Group, Siemens and United Utilities; and was recently the Acting MD of Manchester Airport (MAG). As a key Board Member of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, Collette chaired the development of its recent publication “Educating The North”, raising awareness of the North-South divide in education. Collette graduated from Lancaster University Management School in 1997, with a Bachelors of Business Administration. And, was recently highlighted in Vogue magazine as one of the Top 25 most influential females in the UK.


Collette Roche

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