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LUMS Digital Ambassadors

Meet our Digital Content Ambassador team for 2022



I’m Ashmita Chitlangia, studying Master Of Business Administration (MBA). I am an international student from India, and I come from a digital marketing and entrepreneurship background with experience in creating, managing, and amplifying marketing campaigns. I always wanted to start a business, and my love for ice-creams made that desire into a reality.

I love watching short-form video content which is engaging, relatable and topical. I watched the previous Lancaster Digital Content Ambassador videos during lunch hours at work to learn and prepare myself for Lancaster.

Hence, I aim to curate fresh and engaging content filled with helpful information about student life, campus, and different hacks to help international students navigate university life.

I am thrilled about the opportunity and hope to show you the life at Lancaster through my lens.

Fun Fact About Me – I love all things Disney! I made it to the newspaper at the age of 4, when Donald Duck from Disneyland came to India for the first time. It was an invite-only event, and I won the passes to it. It was a remarkable experience.

If you have any questions or want to know anything specific about Lancaster University or the MBA course, drop me a message on Instagram.

Follow me: @snazzy_jugaadu.

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Hi, I am Erica Kwan and I come from Hong Kong.

It’s my first year at Lancaster University and I am studying Business Management. I am in the Hip Hop and Breakdance society as I enjoy dancing a lot. I am also in the Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society.

I fill my time with my friends and Korean dramas. I also like to explore nice (Instagramable) restaurants and cafes during my spare time. As a foodie, I also like to cook and try out different recipes. I like to record my life through Instagram and I recently started my YouTube channel where I mostly do vlogs.

I am so honoured to become one of the Digital Content Ambassadors of LUMS. You may expect more content about being a LUMS student and hope my content can let you know more about LUMS!

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Hi! My name is Jenny and I am studying Marketing with Psychology as a joint honours. As someone with a social science background, it’s so great that Lancaster University offers this course. A little about me is that I am part of the Hip-Hop and Breakdance society, where I occasionally teach, as well as the Marketing society - adding more flavour to my university experience. Additionally to dance, I also enjoy making art (such as paintings) and watching anime. Going in the background to all this, I’m probably listening to R&B, rap, reggaeton or a Studio Ghibli soundtrack.

I am so excited to be a Digital Content Ambassador for LUMS, you can expect content to help become more familiar with our department and I’ll share a little on wider University life too. Via photo, video, story and blog formats I would like to communicate the experience of a LUMS student and the fantastic opportunities LUMS has to offer!

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  • Two + Two

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Hi, let’s have a coffee I’m Jowin Goh but everyone calls me Jowin.

I came from a multiracial country that is famous for food named Malaysia.

As the youngest postgraduate in my cohort with a certain experience in FMCG marketing, I am honoured. I was able to learn so many things from others through the sharing of their working experience and journey in life. As a student in MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, I am free to express my creativity or even teach to be creative in business.

As a creative person, I love sports, music, and photography. Racket, ball and water sports are mostly what I do but I am always open to new kinds of sports. Whereas, for music, I enjoy acoustic music the most. Being a photographic enthusiastic makes me want to show you guys the vivid side of the campus. Thus, I will produce photos, videos, or a mixture of kinds of content. As I want you to feel you are here with me.

Do stay in tune with me here and reach out by following my Instagram @jowingoh and subscribe to my YouTube channel Jowin Goh 吴思璇 because I don’t bite:p. I’m willing to help you out if you have any queries.