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LUMS Digital Ambassadors

There's no better way to get an authentic view of our courses than by hearing from our students.


Hi! I’m Carmen Aragones. I’m a third year Advertising and Marketing student at Lancaster University.

I’m originally from Malaga, Spain but I have been living in England for two years now.

In my free time, I like going to the gym, reading, and cooking. I join events from different societies and work part-time in a few roles around campus to build on my professional experience.

I am really excited to be a Digital Content Ambassador of LUMS. I hope my content can let you know more about LUMS and don't hesitate to reach out if there is something you would like to know about!

Instagram: @carmenaragonees


Hi :)

My name is Daria Manea, and I’m a 4th year Marketing Management major.

I've a particular interest in science communications and fashion digital content creation. I’m originally from Romania but have been living in the UK for a few years now.

I’ll be producing video and short-/long-form written pieces throughout this year to help you learn more about student life here at LUMS.

Let me know if you want to hear more about my placement year and the freelance work I’m doing while studying.


Hi everyone!

My name is Ruqayyah and I’m a second-year student studying Management and HR.

In my free time I enjoy doing various activities such as painting, reading, sports and exploring new places.

I’m currently on the exec for the Islamic society as one of the media officers and a mentor for the LUMS leading light programme.

I’m really looking forward to my role as a LUMS digital ambassador and creating content through different mediums such as blogs, videos and infographic posters. I hope this provides more of an insight into university life and why LUMS is the place to be.

Digital content ambassadors photographed in Management School building. From left to right: Carmen, Ruqayyah, and Daria.

Carmen, Ruqayyah, and Daria


My name is Frances, and I am studying MSc in Marketing. I am from Nigeria and love creating content.

I enjoy taking and editing pictures and watching exciting videos across social media platforms. Asides from that, I love cooking and travelling.

I make beauty and lifestyle content because I love makeup and the art and sharing my growth and experiences.

I am excited to be a Digital content creator at LUMS and am delighted to share my content with you.

Here's a link to my YouTube channel if you want to see more of me.



My name is Nikita Joshi and I’m from Bangalore, India. I study Master's in Management (MiM).

I live in the city and I’m glad I do because I get to explore bits and pieces of Lancaster everyday!

I studied Economics but I’m interested in exploring Marketing, the fashion industry and the entertainment business.

I have a wide variety of interests, some of which include Korean pop music, anime, reading and learning languages.

I absolutely love cafe hopping and my goal for the year is to find the best hot chocolate in the city.

Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram as well :)


Hi there!

My name is Sharon, and I’m a postgraduate student studying Project Management.

I love to watch movies, series and anime. Seems a bit nerdy but I also do enjoy some good trips to explore the world!

To me, making videos is a thing that can record the beauty of life and help me remember it. And if there’s any chance those videos could make you explore this world with me, or even make you happy, that will be my pleasure!

Oh! I forgot to mention I’m from Taiwan! If you want to know a little more about my country, please feel free to check my YouTube Channel Norahs C (But the content there is mostly in Mandarin, hope you can still enjoy it though!)

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