3-Year PhD studentship in Mathematical Models and Algorithms for Managing Airport Capacity

Group of students

"Mathematical Models and Algorithms for Allocating Scarce Airport Resources” (OR-MASTER) is a Programme Grant funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). OR-MASTER aims to develop new mathematical models and algorithms for solving complex, large-scale resource allocation problems, with the ultimate goal of developing innovative decision support capabilities for airport capacity allocation and management. At Lancaster, OR-MASTER is undertaken by the Centre for Transport and Logistics Research (CENTRAL) a Research Centre in the Department of Management Science. The studentship includes payment of full tuition fees plus stipend at the EPSRC rate. Candidate requirements: Students are expected to have a masters degree or equivalent in a quantitative area (including operational research, mathematics, engineering, economics, and computer science) from a UK University or have a qualification of equivalent standard from an overseas university. While programming skills together with some background in optimization and/or stochastic modelling are an advantage, there will be opportunity to develop these to meet the requirements of the work. The student is expected to be a team player with the ability to work as part of a team and independently, and to have good analytical and communication skills.

For further information please contact: Professor Konstantinos Zografos (k.zografos@lancaster.ac.uk)

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