Accounting and Finance student wins 'Selfie' project

Selfie winner Kun Huang receives her certificate

26 May 2016

A second year Accounting and Finance student has been crowned winner of this year’s “Selfie” Project.

The Selfie Project is a non-assessed reflective piece of work that incoming study abroad students complete as part of their induction to Lancaster University Management School.

Kun Huang, who normally studies at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, provided an excellent presentation to a panel of judges and students, describing key points in her study here at LUMS. 

She provided a good insight into her time here at LUMS, developing academic skills from the Academic Writing Zone and the MASH Centre.  As part to the project, students were asked to develop part of their intercultural and interpersonal skills.  During this exercise, Kun invited a Korean friend for lunch where they talked about the cultural differences and ate Chinese food.

Kun said: “Winning the self-folio award is the best reward for doing the self-folio project which helped me to adapt the unfamiliar environment and academic studies at LUMS.”

She added that lecturers, tutors and the Effective Learning Team had all helped her to meet the challenge of studying in the UK.