Economics Taster Days offer glimpse of LUMS life

12 May 2015

Prospective students thinking about studying economics at university will have the chance to try it for a day in two upcoming events organised by Lancaster University Management School.

The two Economics Taster Days will be held at LUMS and at the Work Foundation, London, and will enable potential economics students to meet current and former students, and talk to lecturers.

There will be talks on a number of economics topics, as well as some economics games.

Dr Emanuele Bracco will be one of those presenting and offered a preview of what attendees can expect. 

"One of the topics we will be discussing is the value of a degree', " he said.

"Drawing on research done by Lancaster academics as advisor to the government, we'll describe how an economist thinks about the choice of university. Is it worth it? How much? What does the 'value' of getting a degree depend on? And most importantly, how can we be sure that these calculations are correct?

"Another is war and peace: what's the link between income, climate change and natural disasters on war and peace? Is it that poorer nations are more likely to go to war, or is war impoverishing the countries experiencing it?

"Drawing on research and field work done by Lancaster academics, we'll show how African countries are adversely affected by civil wars, and what economic causes can be isolated.

"Additionally, for the London event there'll be an economist from the Work Foundation who will talk about career as a professional economist."

Rebecca Heron, undergraduate recruitment and operations manager, said: "The events will provide an insight into what it’s like to be an economics student at a Top 10 University.

"Lancaster University Management School is a triple-accredited business school, highly regarded for our research and graduate employability."

The events will also provide attendees with helpful hints and tips about how to write a successful personal statement.

The Taster Days will take place on June 24 at The Work Foundation and at LUMS on July 8. Contact Rebecca Heron or Louise Brock for details.