Student secures place on Italian innovation summer course

Gulahmed Maqsood

10 June 2015

A LUMS student has been selected to take part in a prestigious innovation summer course.

Gulahmed Maqsood, who has just finished the BSc Accounting and Finance, will begin the month-long Italia Innovation Program 2015 on Monday. 

The course, which takes place in Vicenza in north-eastern Italy, aims to build interest in innovation in the Italian economy, and works with companies from the fields of fashion, food and wine, design, arts and culture and high-end manufacturing. 

During the course, Gulahmed will be working in teams with talent from business schools around the world, including Havard Business School and Stanford University. Students will study modules in design thinking, corporate law and economics. There will be an entrepreneurship lab and a series of inspirational talks by world-class managers and innovators. Faculty on the programme include academics from Stanford, Columbia and the University of Michigan, as well as consultants, writers and other innovators. 

Students will not only be studying theory, but will also be consulting on real issues.

"When I heard that I got selected for this program, I was very surprised and honoured," said Gulahmed.

"It will be a great pleasure to represent Lancaster University among such great universities from all around the world.

"I am always seeking to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds. I believe that’s what we are also about at Lancaster; diversity is at centre of everything we do."

After finishing Italia Innovation Program 2015, Gulahmed plans to return to LUMS to study the (Entrepreneurship pathway).

"I want to diversify from the accounting and finance sector towards the entrepreneurship sector. I believe that the Italia Innovation Program 2015 will be a stepping stone for me into the field of entrepreneurship," he said.

"I would love to share my experiences of Italy with my colleagues."