ITMOC alumnus shares industry insights with current students

Ahmed Nawaz speaking to LUMS students.

02 December 2014

On 11 November, MSc ITMOC graduate Ahmed Nawaz returned to LUMS to share his professional experience with students from the BSc Management and IT degree.

Dr Niall Hayes, who has liaised with Ahmed over a number of years, explains the value of his contribution:

“Ahmed, a graduate of our MSc ITMOC degree, has been incredibly supportive to the BSc Management and IT degree. Each year that he has lectured on the programme this has been incredibly helpful, as he is able to pass on his experience of the deployment of IT systems in some of the organisations he has consulted in. Ahmed is also well positioned to inform the students about the current technological developments that are being put in place in industry.    

Ahmed’s knowledge and insights help to embed many of the concepts and themes that we have covered on the module. This helps students to recognise the ways in which theory and practice are inextricably interlinked. 

Beyond teaching on our modules, Ahmed has mentored students and also organised for his colleagues to come and teach on the programme. With his help, we have also established the annual Deloitte prize for the best student. LUMS is very lucky to have such a capable and supportive alumnus.”

We took the opportunity to ask Ahmed about his career and about his ongoing links with LUMS:

Please describe your career since graduating from Lancaster and the work you are doing now.

After graduating from Lancaster, I joined the Accenture Graduate Scheme as part of their technology consulting practice, working with clients across multiple industries. After five years at Accenture, I was approached by Deloitte to join their technology consulting business, where I have been working since 2011. I am involved in numerous large-scale technology consulting programmes for clients in financial services, aerospace and manufacturing.

What elements of your Lancaster experience have helped you in your career?

Initially, having the opportunity to work closely with the likes of Accenture and Deloitte through multiple initiatives (e.g. joint research) between LUMS and employers helped me to gain a better understanding of the market place, whilst equipping me with key skills that differentiated me from other candidates. In addition, the group and team-based learning approach on the MSc courses within LUMS also closely mirror the skills required in project-based environments at consulting firms.

What motivates you to come back to Lancaster and support current students?

I enjoy coming back to campus from a personal point of view, to keep in touch and see how the University has changed. More importantly, as the recruitment market has become more competitive, it’s important to develop long-term focused relationships, initiatives and collaborations that provide an advantage when it comes to hiring the brightest and the best.

Furthermore, guest lectures and presentations provide the opportunity for students to understand and gain a commercial, market-driven and latest industry trend perspective on the many academic topics being studied.

What are your professional plans for the future?

To continue to progress and grow as a technology-focused management consultant – I hope to be building my case to progress to the next grade in the next 12 months. I’ve also been in discussions to work with a client on an interesting project in an international location I’ve never travelled to.

Do you have any particular Lancaster memories?

Apart from the many student nights and college socials, I’d pick the inter-college sporting competitions as a highlight!