LCMC sees in Chinese New Year

Chinese new year conference

31 January 2017

Around 30 people, including senior academics, joined the Lancaster University China Management Centre (LCMC) to celebrate the Chinese New Year of Rooster and Research Colloquium recently.

More than 40 people within LUMS expressed interest to attend the discussion but many staff could not attend due to teaching. Dr Qihai Huang, Director of LCMC, chaired the colloquium. Following Professor David Brown’s introduction on the development of LCMC, an update on the university's China research agenda and LCMC’s focus on China management research in the new context was provided by Dr Huang.

The lively discussion that followed suggested that China had a widespread relevance to research interests throughout different discipline areas in LUMS. The participants highly appreciated LCMC’s plan to strengthen China management research building on its leading profile. They also contributed to the discussion on how to move the initiative forward.

Dr Huang said: "LCMC aims to be recognized as an international leading hub of China Management research and research-related management activities, to facilitate and contribute to the profile of LUMS as a leading global management school and the university strategy. This can be achieved through identifying and developing new joint multi-disciplinary research initiatives and facilitating and supporting China management research-related activities in the newly-formed LUMS research centres. I am pleased that many colleagues are interested and support the plan to strengthen our China management research. We can work together towards the ambition."