LUMS academic wins Best Reviewer award

Juliana Sutanto

10 February 2017

Juliana Sutanto, from the Department of Management Science, has been named Best Reviewer2016 by MIS Quarterly.

The award was presented at the MISQ awards luncheon on 11th December 2016 in Dublin by MISQ Chief Editor, Professor Arun Rai.

In addition, Professor Sutanto has since been appointed as an Associate Editor in MISQ.

Professor Sutanto is a Professor in Information Systems (IS) and her research focuses on artefact design and behavioural analysis in digital communications and interactions. Her research work has been published in leading IS journals such as MIS Quarterly (MISQ) and Information Systems Research, as well as in leading general management journals, such as Management Science.

She won the INFORMS ISS Design Science Award in 2013 for an empirical work on privacy-safe personalized offering, the Literati Award for Excellence in 2014 for a conceptual work on mobile social networking application, and the Best Reviewer Award for Journal of the Association for Information Systems in 2015.