MBAs network in central London

Rainer Hersch speaking to MBA students

07 January 2015

Lancaster MBAs travel to London frequently to experience the busy heartland of business in the UK.

Lancaster Full-time MBA students get the best of two worlds by combining theoretical study at Lancaster with practical engagement with businesses all over the UK and internationally. The students visited London in November to visit companies (BP, EMC and Decus Insurance) and meet alumni and recruiters at a networking event at The Work Foundation. Included in the event were sessions on making the most of networking opportunities, online brand management and a variety of sector information sessions including consultancy, banking and finance, and entrepreneurship.

Student Ashleigh Dueker was introduced to recruiters from Grant Thornton during the lunch-time networking. She was invited to interview with them for a position before the end of the year and after assiduous preparation in conjunction with the careers team and our external consultants, the interviews went well and we are delighted that she has already been made a job offer.

The celebrity speaker at the event was Lancaster alumnus Rainer Hersch who used humour and music to increase understanding of business orchestration through managing people and processes, drawing comparisons between the conductor and business leaders. Our favourite observation – if everything’s going well, don’t meddle with it.