New ranking for Journal of Organizational Effectiveness

JOEPP front cover

04 August 2016

An academic journal started by Lancaster academics has been awarded its first ranking.

The Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People & Performance (JOEPP) has been given a B ranking by the Australian Business Dean’s Council (ABDC).

Professor Emeritus Paul Sparrow and LUMS Advisory Board member Professor Cary Cooper, the editors of the journal, hope that the new status will encourage more submissions from Australia and New Zealand. They will be applying to other ranking bodies in the coming year.

The journal was set up three years ago to focus on the role of people in organisational effectiveness and to look at a broad definition of performance, beyond just financial performance.

It aims to cover issues that academics, practitioners and employees see as important and contribute to strategic (and policy) thinking, identifying the long-term performance issues that confront workforces and organisations, with findings that can provide guidance on the best ways forward.

Professor Cooper said: "After only a couple of years in existence, the Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People & Performance has established a surprising high, by being rated by Australian HR academics as one of the top journals in the field. Next move is top 3 globally."