OR-MASTER Workshop on Airport Capacity Management and Slot Allocation held

Alexander Jacquillat at the event

31 January 2017

Stakeholders from the airport industry attended a workshop on Airport Capacity Management and Slot Allocation last month.

The event, held at Cumberland Lodge in London, was organised by the Centre for Transport and Logistics and was part of the OR-MASTER project.

The aim was to elicit the views of all airport stakeholders regarding their objectives and priorities in making airport capacity and slot allocation decisions. Other points for discussion included: how airport declared capacity should be determined and how it can be best managed; how slots requested by Airport Users should be allocated; how efficiency, fairness, and equitable treatment of all Airport Users can be achieved when allocating scarce airport resources; and how slot allocation affects the overall airport performance, including passenger and aircraft delays, schedule predictability, airline punctuality, noise, and emissions.