Ros bids farewell to University after 47 years

Ros at her leaving party

31 July 2015

One of the University's longest-serving members of staff is retiring today, after 47 years.

Ros Borlase began working at Lancaster in 1968. She started her career in University House and then worked for the VC’s Office alongside Charles Carter, Lancaster’s first VC.

In the early 70s, she moved to the Operational Research department, then based in Cartmel College, to be Departmental Secretary. Then, in the late 80s, Ros was assigned to work helping to get the first MBA programme off the ground.

She joined the LUMS finance office in the mid-90s. Then recently, she became part of the Lancaster University Finance Office, acting as Finance Partner for LUMS.

A large gathering of friends and colleagues met in the Hub last week to celebrate Ros’s time at the University.

Deputy Dean and Associate Dean for Finance John O’Hanlon said: “She will be greatly missed in LUMS, as well as by the central university Finance team.”

She is, John said, LUMS’s “storyteller and chief historian”.

“She recalled when the Management Science department used to sunbathe on the lawn. That was back when we had sun,” he said.

He also recalled a time when Ros lead a revolt after discovering that chocolate and biscuits had been replaced by fruit in the LUMS Costa branch. This lead to the immediate return of the sweet treats thanks to Ros, the “voice of the people”.

“For me, she made my job a lot easier than it would otherwise be,” concluded John.

“We all thank her for her contribution.”

Ros thanked everyone and said: “I have enjoyed my years here in Lancaster and I know I’ll miss the people. It’s been a fun place to work.

“I’m planning to spend my time with my family and completing projects not finished.”