Solving the Strategy Delusion

22 December 2014

Solving the Strategy Delusion is a new book by Professor Cary Cooper with LUMS PhD graduate Marc Stigter, now at Melbourne Business School. The book takes a pioneering approach to challenging conventional and 'delusional' approaches to strategy. 

The result of years of academic research and consulting, the Solving the Strategy Delusion presents readers with a practical understanding of why strategic change consistently fails, and most importantly, what to do about it.

This new book offers different ways of seeing, thinking, planning, acting, and mobilising when it comes to making strategy happen in a world of volatility and complexity. Citing real-world examples from companies such as Nokia, Dell, Kodak, and The New York Times, the authors use cases of what doesn’t work to help us understand what does. By examining how some leaders are trapped within rigid beliefs and conventional strategic thinking, we understand how successfully strategic leaders can help co-create distinctive strategies with customers, the workforce and other stakeholders, enabling them to overcome organisational inertia and mobilize people. This book illustrates how to take strategic thinking, planning, and communication beyond surface level to inspire real positive change – and to keep that organisational energy going at every level of the business.

Solving the Strategy Delusion will be of interest to anyone involved in realising strategy in the 21st century. It acts as a toolkit rather than a checklist, as there is no set ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to strategy but rather a wealth of options which can help release energy within a business. 

Sir Cary Cooper is a Distinguished Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University Management School. He is Chair of the Academy of Social Sciences, the Editor-in-Chief of the scholarly journal Stress and Health and the author of many books on workplace health. Sir Cary received a CBE in 2001 for his contributions to occupational safety and health, and is a regular contributor to radio and TV on topics in occupational psychology and health. In 2014, Sir Cary was awarded a knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honour's List for his services to the social sciences.

Marc Stigter is an international strategist who works with organisations on unlocking deep insights and realising distinctive strategies. His own insights have been gained as a global practitioner at executive level, as a research academic at doctoral level, and as a strategy advisor at organisational level. Marc completed his PhD in Management Learning and Leadership at Lancaster University Management School in 2011. He is an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne's Graduate School of Business and Economics, and an Associate Director at Melbourne Business School. He has held executive positions with blue-chip companies around the world.