Strategy game brings MBA year to a close

Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation

02 October 2014

There was real competition this year at the grand MBA finale – the Capstone Event. The class of 2014 took on four alumni teams, which had come together from across the globe to try to take the Capstone crown.

The event used a computer-based simulation based on the Blue Ocean Strategy theory developed at Insead. It provided an ideal MBA refresher course for the alumni, many of whom said they learned a great deal from taking part and would be putting the lessons learned to good use in their businesses.

Teams competed to create a new space in the market for their products, making decisions on product, price, marketing, operations and HR. Small errors were punished with large falls in sales or fines for over production, making the competition more intense each time the end-of-year results were published.

In the end, the class of 2014 held the advantage, creating and selling a product which put them in the top 2% of everyone who has played the game this year. The MBA staff congratulated everyone who took part, with special thanks to former MBA Director Oliver Westall, who made a return visit to Lancaster to join one of the alumni teams.