CMAF Events in 2018

1 December 2017 10:53

Business Forecasting with Time Series Methods

Learn how to understand and forecast your key data. This two-day course is an ideal introduction to the fundamentals of forecasting. You will learn how to explore and analyse data, build robust and accurate forecasting models and evaluate their forecasting performance (course brochure).

17 – 18 May 2018 (registration open)

15 – 16 November 2018 (registration open)

Business Forecasting with Marketing and Economic Drivers

Learn how to create forecasts that capture driver variables. External effects, such as the weather, policy changes, promotions can all be captured and explored with forecasting methods. And these methods are available in commonly available commercial software. Understand how to build valid powerful forecasting models that can explain external influences that affect your key data in this two-day course (course brochure).

22 – 23 February 2018 (registration open)

Free CMAF Workshops

Forecasting Hierarchies of Products and Market Segments

Companies sell products and services that naturally fall within hierarchies, for example, different package sizes, product features, market segments, etc. Recognising the hierarchical nature of such items can bring benefits in terms of forecast accuracy and decision making, aligning forecasts of items at different levels of the hierarchy. This event will bring together well-known practitioners and academics to present and discuss new insights and approaches to forecasting using hierarchies. Speakers and details about venue will be available soon.

13th April 2018 (registration open)

Organizing demand forecasting for more effective results

Having a demand planning and forecasting team is often only half the job done. In order to maximize the benefits of producing forecasts they need to be linked into the operational environment in where the information can flow freely between different departments. This includes purchasing, warehousing and logistics but also the marketing planning team. This workshop on “Organizing demand forecasting for more effective results” will elaborate on how this can be achieved using case studies from organizations who have successfully engaged with this challenging issue. 

Autumn 2018 (register now for getting notifications when the date is fixed)

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