Forecasting Software Survey 2018


Finding the right forecasting package is like searching for the right shoe. There are plenty of options available but it is hard to get a good overview and feeling of their available features. In the latest issue of the OR/MS Today, the practitioner magazine of INFORMS, the Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting (CMAF) has carried out a forecasting software vendor survey and OR/MS Today summarizes the results. The survey highlights the forecasting features of each software solution providing information on their forecasting and statistical modelling features. The aim is to help practitioner identify a short list of alternatives, whether their focus is on general purpose statistical packages, large-scale ERP systems or specialist packages designed strictly for forecasting or machine learning.

This year’s survey reflects changes in the software market and, in contrast to previous editions, it also puts greater emphasis on the requirements of the practicing forecaster. The article and survey are also available online.

Please refer to our further extensive list of all contacted software vendors.

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