Globally-renowned economist delivers public lecture at Lancaster University

Professor Vernon Smith

A Nobel Prize-winning economist will speak about his work in shaping the field at a special event at Lancaster University.

Professor Vernon Smith will deliver the second Andrews and Brunner Lecture on Tuesday 21st April.

He will speak to an audience of academics, business leaders and members of the public in the University’s Management School (5.45pm start).

Professor Smith is the founder of Experimental Economics, a field that has revolutionised not only economics but other Social Science disciplines, making them more scientific. He is the 2002 Nobel Laureate in Economics.

Over a long career, he has earned degrees from Caltech, the University of Kansas, and Harvard, and has worked at Brown University, the University of Massachusetts, and Caltech, among other institutions. He has been at Chapman University, in Orange, California, since 2008.

He has carried out extensive experimental research on financial market bubbles, looking at the housing crisis contribution to the Great Recession.

Professor Smith continues to work into his 90s, with his recent research revisiting the writings of Adam Smith, the founder of modern economics. He has examined the links between science and religion, and is using laboratory experiments to gain a deeper insight of the role of moral sentiment in economic interactions.

His lecture, A Rehabilitation of Classical Economics: Lessons from Experiments, will look at how experiments enabled classical economics to be rehabilitated in the 20th century.

Professor Eyal Winter, P.W.S. Andrews and Elizabeth Brunner Chair in Industrial Economics in Lancaster University Management School’s Department of Economics, said: “Professor Smith is a renowned figure across the economics world, and he is sure to provide an engrossing evening that is full of insight from his lecture.

“He is a leading figure in our field, and he has shaped modern experimental economics to a great extent. His work in the lab and in the field will be fascinating to all in attendance.”

Professor Smith’s lecture is the second by a Nobel Prize winner in Economics at Lancaster University, following the start of the Andrews and Brunner Series, when Professor Alvin Roth spoke at the Management School in November.

Attendance is open and free, but online registration is required. Registration is available here:

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