Google Digital Garage expert shares knowledge with students and SMEs

1 February 2018 15:09
Richard Meek, Amanda Walls and representatives from the student societies.

A specialist from the Google Digital Garage team visited LUMS last week to present to students and SMEs on a range of social media topics.

Amanda Walls led the sessions, which looked at how to build a social media strategy for a business and how to create compelling content for social media.

The evening session, which was delivered to SMEs as part of the Lancashire Forum programme, was about “How to Build a Digital Marketing Plan”. Amanda shared her expertise, showing the main digital marketing channels and how to create and structure a practical digital marketing plan for business.

All the sessions were met with a positive reaction.

Richard Meek, from the LUMS Department of Marketing who helped to arrange the event, said it was “an excellent demonstration of the application of Google technologies to digital business.

“Students were most excited by the potential and relative ease with which Google technology can be applied to business and marketing practice. It was a most engaging series of presentations encouraged much student and business participation both during and especially after the sessions in follow up one-to-one meetings.”

Kelsey Robb, President of the Advertising Society, said: "The Google Digital Garage was a very informative and particularly useful event which I am enthused that the Advertising Society could be a part of. I now have several pages of notes on writing on social media and plan to put the advice into practice this summer."

Daria Papenko, from the Marketing Society, said: “Google Digital Garage is an amazing opportunity for students to acquire invaluable knowledge in digital marketing. These workshops covered a marketing sector, which is constantly expanding and which is currently searching for well-educated specialists. I really hope that students retained a lot of the information and now feel inspired to pursue a career in digital marketing. 

“Personally, I was very intrigued by the content marketing topic. I did not expect it to have so many components and I will definitely be researching this topic further. A big thank you to Richard Meek for allowing the Marketing Society to be part of this experience, we are looking forward to more collaborations!”

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