Lancaster MBA is ranked 3rd in the UK for Corporate Social Responsibility

Charles Carter

We are pleased to announce that the Lancaster MBA has been ranked 3rd in the UK for Corporate Social Responsibility in the latest Financial Times MBA rankings 2019. We have also retained our position in the top 100 for the 15th consecutive year, and have been rated as 1st in the world for Corporate Strategy for the third year running.

This rankings reflect the core values that underpin the programme; sustainability, responsibility and mindfulness. These values permeate through everything from the environment, to staff development and retention, and they are critical to all stages of successful business. The rankings clearly demonstrate our commitment to promoting sustainable business development and the return on investment that the programme offers – we are ranked 5th in the UK and 17th in the world for value for money, and Lancaster MBA students enjoy an average increase in earnings of 88%.

The result is testament to the dedication of our programme team and the hard work and commitment of our students who have acquired the mobility and leadership skills that have enabled them to shape such fulfilling career paths across the globe.

Lancaster MBA Director Dr Robyn Remke said: “For those in any industry – whether it be scientific, technical, medical or even creative sectors – undertaking an MBA or EMBA is a sound investment. As well as providing students with the skills needed to launch their own business, it equips those looking for additional managerial responsibility with business knowledge essentials, as well as opportunities to put learning into practice by working with real-life cases and companies.

Sustainability, responsibility and mindfulness are the core values that flow through every element of Lancaster’s MBA, helping to shape our students - the world’s future leaders - for the challenges of the modern day workplace.”

Current MBA student Dominic Roberts said: "The Corporate Strategy module, which is ranked 1st in the world, is unique because its not following the traditional case model where the problem is framed, it is more about discovering and living strategy which is a far more powerful learning and realistic learning experience. You can also choose up to 3 other strategy electives.

It is also not surprising that the CSR module is ranked highly, for example we have classes around the Financial Crisis and what caused this and in the Business Management Challenge, the winning team is based not purely on profit but on a holistic framework including impact on environment and people. In addition, the Mindful Manager module is weaved in which is all developing practical wisdom and effectively making the right choices. “ 

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