Lancaster University thanks first Patron with a newly named room

20 April 2018 16:44
Eddie Robinson

Lancaster Patron, Eddie Robinson, visited Lancaster from the US to meet his current and previous Robinson Scholars and to visit the room named in recognition of his philanthropic support.

The newly named ‘Robinson Postgraduate Room’ is in the Management School and is well used by many students from a variety of Masters’ programmes, including those from Management Science.

It was here that Eddie met Sriparna Neogi, the current Robinson Scholar. She says, “I was fourteen when I first decided (after reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) that I would go to England one day. This month, I had the pleasure of meeting the person who has helped me achieve this dream - Eddie Robinson, a distinguished alumnus of Lancaster University, a philanthropist and an excellent conversationalist! We listened, enthralled, as he regaled us with tales from his time at Lancaster University. He told us about his work as a mentor and the three things that most CEOs look for in business graduates: problem solving skills, the ability to communicate and the ability to work in teams, which was a really useful insight.”

We were fortunate enough to also be able to introduce Eddie to last year’s Robinson Scholar Richlove Frimpong. Of her meeting with Eddie she said, “For me, to finally meet Eddie Robinson, one of the people who made my dream of pursuing a postgraduate degree come true, was such a wonderful experience. It was refreshing to hear him share stories from his time and experience at Lancaster University and for him to listen attentively to my experiences as well. Hopefully one day, I will also be able to contribute to the International Student Community like he does. Thank you, Eddie, for being an inspiration!”

Eddie Robinson added, “I always find it enjoyable to revisit Lancaster having obtained my masters from the Business school there many years ago. The University campus has developed well beyond what I experienced. However, it retains the community feel that I remember so well, and it was a pleasure to meet and talk with both faculty and students - some who are friends that I have met before, others new to me but who hopefully I will meet again on some future visit. I am grateful to all who took the time to meet up with me to make it such an enjoyable return, and also to share their perspective on a University that was influential in my life and remains important to me.”

Eddie is our very first Lancaster University Patron. Our Patrons represent a small number of philanthropists who make a significant commitment to Lancaster University. Lancaster’s Patrons are our philanthropic leaders. Together, and individually, their support has a direct and ongoing effect on university life. Our Patrons ensure that philanthropy continues to be a strong feature of Lancaster and that the University continues to grow from strength to strength. Their mission is to lead by example and to encourage new generations of philanthropists to join this important group of visionaries in their support of the University. We hope that many more Patrons join Eddie in this remarkable philanthropic mission.

Find out more information about Lancaster’s philanthropists on our website.

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