Leading international economist delivers free course

Professor Eyal Winter

Leading economist Professor Eyal Winter will deliver a free online course in behavioural economics for members of the public and students.

Professor Winter is the Andrews and Elizabeth Brunner Professor of Economics at Lancaster University Management School and a leading researcher in behavioural economics and game theory. He was awarded the Humboldt Prize by the German government for his research contributions to the fields.

The course involves six 50-minute lectures, each combining the latest research in the field with Professor Winter’s expertise from extensive consulting experience for national governments and international corporations – including during the Covid-19 pandemic. Each lecture is self-contained, and no preliminary knowledge of the field is required.

Professor Winter said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has presented me with a unique opportunity to record a series of lectures examining behavioural economics and game theory. Both of these spheres impact on our daily lives in more ways than you might imagine, from government policy to public behaviour, and this is a chance to find out more.”

You can read Professor Winter’s expert views on the UK government response to the Covid-19 pandemic here: https://your-brochure-online.co.uk/Lancaster-University-Management-School-54_Degrees_9/18/

The lectures will take place throughout August, delivered from Professor Winter’s home in Israel. The next lectures will be on Thursday, August 6 and Monday, August 10, both starting at 3pm BST.

Anyone interested in attending the lectures should email Romina Goldman at rominag@savion.huji.ac.il to register.

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