Lancaster Professor’s Singapore visit marks start of new knowledge exchange

Professor Konstantinos Zografos

Lancaster University Management School Professor Konstantinos Zografos embarked on a new cooperation initiative on Airport Capacity and Air Traffic Management research issues at the Aviation Studies Institute of the Singapore Institute and Technology (SUTD).

Professor Zografos gave two presentations at the SUTD based on the Centre for Transport and Logisitics’ (CENTRAL) research as part of the OR-MASTER and OptiFrame projects.

The four-day visit saw Professor Zografos, the Director of CENTRAL, speak about ‘Optimum Allocation of Scarce Airport Resources: The OR-MASTER Project’ and ‘An Optimization Framework for Trajectory Based Operations (TBO’s) in ATFM: The OptiFrame Project’.

The OR-MASTER looks at potential methods to improve slot allocation and capacity management at congested airports, while the OptiFrame project investigated strategies to improve air traffic management and relieve air traffic congestion.

Professor Zografos said: “It was a really valuable opportunity to speak with colleagues in Singapore and look at research areas of mutual concern. Hopefully this will be the start of research and knowledge exchange cooperation.”

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