'Mind-blowing' AI session for Lancaster students

Justin Ablett stands at the front of a lecture theatre filled with students. On the screen behind him are the words 'Chat GPT' 'Carer Chat' and 'Chat Chat'

Lancaster University Management School students were treated to invaluable understanding of the use of AI in modern business from a leading industry figure.

Justin Ablett, IBM Consulting’s Global Lead for Adobe, delivered a guest lecture for students on the MSc Digital Business, Innovation and Management (DBIM) programme.

The interactive session on ‘The future of marketing powered by GenAI and human creativity’ also included shared insights into careers within technology consultancy.

DBIM Programme Director Dr Uzair Shah said: “The students found the session to be really useful. One told me it had been ‘mind blowing’. Justin provided the students with so much to learn, gather and absorb over the courses of the session.”

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