New members join the Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting

6 November 2017 13:41

Florian comes from an engineering and marketing background and joined the department as a senior lecturer in Marketing Analytics. He has researched, worked, and consulted in the area of pricing and word-of-mouth marketing. His current research focus is the lack of interrelated systems thinking in marketing practice and research. This may lead to causal effects be misattributed or overestimated with harmful effects for companies and society. Florian uses nonlinear models to investigate system interrelations on many scales: From interrelating channels of an omnichannel retailer at the company level to interrelations between digitalisation or e-commerce and economic or ecologic a measures at the national level.

You can find his list of publications here.

Catherine, on the other hand, has extensive knowledge in revenue management and pricing and she joined the department as a senior lecturer in Management Science. Her work uses methods such as optimisation, data analytics and simulation modelling. Furthermore, she evaluates planning approaches with complex simulation to improve the design of decision support systems.

You can find her list of publications here.

We are also happy to announce that Dr Ivan Svetunkov, who has been with us as a post-doctoral researcher, joined the department as a lecturer in Marketing Analytics. He will continue to work closely with the Centre.

We are excited to see the future research and impact of our new colleagues!

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