New R package for model building and variable selection released

8 May 2018 17:13
Grey Box

Ivan Svetunkov, released “greybox”, a new package for R and available on CRAN. The name of the package comes from the idea of “grey box” - a model that has some elements of uncertainty in it and thus unites a wide spectrum of statistical models. The focus of the package is in model building, variable selection and forecasting with regression models.

Currently, the package contains various functions for variable selection in the context of multivariate regressions and for the combination of different regression models. Ivan plans to extend the package for tasks needed in promotional modelling and demand forecasting, by adding more advanced functions for model building and diagnostics.

More details about “greybox” are available on Ivan’s blog and further R packages maintained by members of the Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting are listed here.

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