Renowned entrepreneur shares candid insights at Lancaster MBA event

Lancaster MBA Director Dr Mark Dawson (left) holds a microphone while interviewing Vikas Shah (right). A banner in the middle lists the Lancaster MBA programmes.

Lancaster University MBA students, alumni, and guests gained invaluable insights from renowned entrepreneur Dr Vikas Shah MBE DL at an event in Manchester.

Vikas, a seasoned business leader, shared candid reflections on his journey, emphasising that success is often fraught with challenges and that financial freedom does not necessarily accompany entrepreneurship.

Addressing the special MBA event, he discussed his career trajectory, underscoring the unpredictable nature of entrepreneurship. Despite the common perception of business ownership offering autonomy, Vikas highlighted the responsibilities entrepreneurs bear towards their employees and stakeholders.

In response to a query about the role of Artificial Intelligence in shaping the future of business, Vikas said that although it will have a significant impact on businesses, "Human Nature doesn't change." Vikas also advocated for prioritising mental health and well-being, cautioning against the unsustainable pursuit of productivity at the expense of personal health.

"Remain acutely aware of your own mortality," he urged the audience, emphasising the transient nature of life and the importance of pursuing your passions. He debunked the myth of chasing wealth, advocating for a purpose-driven approach to professional endeavours.

Throughout his address, Vikas underscored the significance of emotional intelligence in leadership, asserting that textbook knowledge pales in comparison to experiential learning.

In a candid revelation, he confessed his discomfort with networking, attributing it to his introverted nature. Nevertheless, he stressed the importance of forging genuine human connections beyond the realm of business.

Acknowledging institutions like Lancaster University, Vikas commended the attendees for their choice of education, highlighting the potential career benefits of studying at an elite school.

The event concluded with a vibrant exchange of ideas and a renewed sense of purpose among the attendees.

An audience site around Dr Mark Dawson and Vikas Shah as they conduct a conversation.

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