Software Survey 2020

This year’s survey of forecasting software for INFORMS OR/MS magazine was again carried out by the members of CMAF of Lancaster University. Robert Fildes, Oliver Schaer, Ivan Svetunkov and Alisa Yusupova prepared a new questionnaire, contacted 200+ software vendors, collected the data and have carried out the analysis. The resulting article is available online on the INFORMS OR/MS website, together with supplementary materials, including the list of participants (vendors) and their detailed answers to the questions. This time, the CMAF members tried to look at the aspects of the software that could be of interest for practitioners in the process of the forecast support system selection for the company. The article outlines the main features in forecasting software, gaps between the theory and practice and trends in the market.

The article can be found on the website of INFORMS OR/MS Today: together with supplementary materials:

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