Gender Matters

About the project

Businesses put gender equality and inclusivity high on their agenda yet, despite this attention, women continue to be under-represented in positions of power in organisations. This joint project between Lancaster University Management School and the Work Foundation aims to shed light on this resilient problem by drawing on a range of international and national sources to identify the scope and range of gender challenges facing UK organisations.

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In this second Gender Matters brochure we draw on a range of sources to illustrate the current scope and range of gender and inclusion challenges that we identify as prevalent in 2020. We focus on the gender pay gap, the leadership pipeline and managing the personal and the professional. We use the financial services sector as an exemplar of the challenges facing a key player in the UK economy.

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Podcast series

In this Gender Matters podcast series, we explore issues of gender equality at work through conversations with key stakeholders. Reflecting on the gender challenges identified in our 2020 brochure, the podcasts also consider the effects and implications for gender equality at work following the Covid-19 crisis.