Mathematics and Statistics Engagement

Inspiring the next generation of mathemeticians 

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Why Maths & Stats?

A 30-minute talk to provide your students with an understanding of why they may consider the subject beyond A level. We’ll highlight what it’s like to study mathematics and statistics at university, including the different degree options, entry requirements and career options.

Exciting Statistics

We find that a lot of our students start their degree with a lack of interest in statistics, yet a significant number find a real passion for the subject area and many pursue careers or further study in statistics. From its role in medical drug trials to the prediction of extreme weather events, statistics has some pretty fascinating applications! This is an interactive workshop delivered by one of our research students and topics can include simulation, medical trials and algorithms.

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An abstract image

Problem Solving Sessions

Problem-solving is an important aspect of maths and its role in real-world applications. In these sessions we will work with your students to help develop their skills in this area, providing them with the chance to try out some advanced problems themselves!

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