A Sea of Change for the Global Oil and Gas Sector

An off shore oil rigg

Statistical methods optimise integrity assessment of offshore facilities

Statisticians at Lancaster have produced a significant change in how offshore engineers design, maintain and refurbish billions of dollars worth of facilities.

Application-driven research by the Extreme Value Theory group has been fundamental to optimising assessment of the structural integrity of over 8% of global offshore oil and gas facilities against a range of individual and joint natural hazards.

The University has worked closely with industry partners to address key sectoral problems and provide a direct pathway to impact. Through improved statistical modelling and inference, they have enabled organisations ranging from multinationals to consultancies and regulators to secure substantial, sustainable financial and societal benefits.

  • Underpinning development of Shell’s metocean statistical software – applied globally across over 50 offshore structures.
  • Important modelling components of Total’s ground breaking Abnormal Wave Assessment and Risk (AWARE) project to refurbish facilities in the Danish sector of the North Sea.
  • Influencing leaders across the offshore engineering industry – plus the regulatory framework for design and re-assessment of offshore structures worldwide