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Hi, I’m Lauren and I currently study Management Mathematics, which is very similar to the new MORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics) course. Our department also offers a Business Analytics course (which is the same as OR- Operational Research within MORSE) which I will also discuss. In general, both courses offer key learning on managing data sets and project teams, all of which is very valuable in today’s society. The main difference is that MORSE is a joint degree with maths, management science and economics which means you will be learning more complex mathematics such as calculus, whilst the Business Analytics course focuses on more statistical approaches. For me, I was always a keen numbers person who enjoyed maths but I didn’t see a future in teaching which is often the main route for maths graduates. I was also not the best when it came to science, so mechanics was not a topic I wanted to study. Management Mathematics offered me the ideal solution with enough maths to keep me interested whilst also learning valuable business skills that would help me in the future.

Some of the main modules I do include Project Management and Business modelling. The course structure for MORSE is unique in that during the first 2 years, your course structure is already set but then your 3rd year is completely free allowing you to choose what you want to specialise in. For example, I have decided to investigate the capabilities of Excel on a business as my focus next year. The Business Analytics course has more freedom throughout with compulsory and choice modules every year so that you can tailor it to your interests.

For me, I came and visited Lancaster University as part of a course when I was 16. I fell in love with the university simply due the beauty of the campus. It’s small and quaint with everything you need, but Lancaster also offers the best of both worlds as the city is only a 15-minute bus drive away. What I didn’t appreciate at the time was the benefits of the college system. They give a sense of real belonging as well as providing unique one-to-one service which a students' union cannot. I feel like I know everyone in my college, making the university feel a bit more homely. I then decided to give back to my college system by becoming the welfare and education officer. We have a wide variety of working and volunteering opportunities within each college that can help boost your CV or just give you some experience. I was always told, to get the most out of university, you need to put the most in.

The Management School offers us a support network when it comes to careers alongside the central career team. This team has full knowledge of the sectors you want to work in. Over the summer I looked at doing an internship. The sorts of companies I applied for were very wide-ranging, from Google and Amazon to small independent firms. These courses provide a wide range of skills meaning the jobs possibilities are endless. We also have job opportunities on campus. I work to help recruitment in my department as well as general bar work across campus. However you choose to spend your time at university or afterwards, there is a huge support network across the university. The staff are brilliant and really care about you which will always make the difference.


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