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The Master’s in Management (MiM) at Lancaster prepares students for the real world with a company-based project where students are consultants for a local business and provide strategic, practical solutions to their problems.

Traditional dissertations are valuable. However, I already conducted a dissertation for my Bachelor’s. For my Master’s, I knew from the very start that I wished to be part of a programme that has a practical module like the company project. From my first day at Lancaster, my end goal was to be part of the company project.

How it works

Students have to first choose their own teammates, go through an interview process with the department and then submit preferences for the company they want. The clients are assigned according to what the department thinks is best based on the group CV, interview and general performance. So, it is very important to build one’s experience and network well.

Working in a team

Forming a good team is difficult since every cohort is full of talent and diverse students with varied skill sets. Thankfully, I was part of a very synergistic group. We all got along, had similar temperaments and worked really well together.

To get to know each other’s working styles better, we decided to work together for a few group assignments. That was a wise decision as we developed an efficient working methodology and good communication. We knew exactly when others were stressed, when to delegate and how to target problems. As the team leader, I was also the first point of contact with all the stakeholders. I couldn’t be more grateful for my team.

Making a difference in the community

With the company project, you have an opportunity to make a real difference for the local community and make positive changes. That is very empowering. Throughout the entire process, I not only understood the community better, but also understood the different real challenges the UK faces. This helped me better integrate myself into the culture.

Some advice

Once your group is formed, make sure you strictly adhere to the department’s instructions. While this is a “project”, you are still representing the university and your department in the real world. These are actual companies that require their problems to be solved. Always be professional. Do not take the deadlines lightly and give your best shot.

Why I recommend the company project

If you’re an incoming MiM student, I would highly recommend you opt for the company project. It not only adds value for your CV but also for general character development. In every job interview, I talk about my role and the challenges I faced as a marketing consultant.

I hope every incoming student enjoys the programme and gets an opportunity to be part of the community. It is going to be difficult: always give your best from the get-go. The department is very helpful and staff are open to always answering any questions you might have. Good luck!

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