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Funded Studentships

Lancaster University Management School’s students learn from and work with world-renowned experts from across the business and management sphere.

Through Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Industrial CASE Studentships, businesses can benefit from the talents of our high-quality postgraduate students.

Our academics work with your business to design a project that supports your objectives, for submission for funding by the ESRC. If successful, you and your academic partner will recruit a postgraduate to deliver the project by working in your business.

Projects typically last between three and four years, with the postgraduate student working in your organisation for between three and six months a year, providing practical and timely benefits to your business. Our expert academics co-supervise the project with you.

Studentships cover a wide range of business areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Data Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Resource Organisation
  • Trade
  • Environmental performance

Studentships are open to UK private sector companies, public sector bodies or voluntary organisations, as well as overseas organisations with an established UK base.

Contact us

To find out more about ESRC Industrial CASE Studentships with Lancaster University Management School and how they can support your business, please contact Partnerships Development Manager Simon Hallam via email: lumsforbusiness@lancaster.ac.uk