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Research Projects

Lancaster University Management School is a community of cutting-edge knowledge that transforms lives, communities and organisations globally.

External organisations can collaborate with our world-leading academic researchers to explore new ideas, develop products or create new intellectual property.

Contract research

You can work directly with our academics, using our resources, expertise, technical support and staff, to conduct research for your specific purposes, with practical aims or objectives in mind. Contract research is funded entirely by the external organisation.

Collaborative research

This is research performed in collaboration with at least one other non-academic organisation. The primary source of funding comes from the government or a public body. Non-academic organisations contribute either financially or ‘in-kind’.

Key Benefits

Contract and collaborative research provide organisations with the opportunity to lead or participate in large-scale, high-profile projects at the cutting-edge of industry and academia. These projects regularly inform both policy and practice while delivering practical insights for organisations involved.

Collaborative research provides organisations with an opportunity to build networks in industry and academia.

Steve Young

Case Study

Read more about Professor Mark Stevenson’s work with global family business Pentland Brands in the increasingly important field of modern slavery.

Research Case Study

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For more information on working with Lancaster University Management School on a consultancy project, contact LUMS Partnerships Development Manager Stephen King at lumsforbusiness@lancaster.ac.uk